We’ve made Strawberry jam and Apple preserves together, clearly marmalade had to come next.

I sensed Miranda was not wild about marmalade but confident that would change as soon as she made a few jars. I piqued her interest with a gift of my marmalade, at a Guild of Food Writers’ event, just before Christmas.

We set a date in February, and tickets for a marmalade make and bake day sold rapidly. Ave Maria, who grow the best quality Seville oranges generously sponsored the day, In life nothing is certain, and as a courier delivered two large boxes of Ave Maria Seville oranges to me, Miranda’s father was rushed to hospital, critically ill. We cancelled our day, the oranges were frozen, but not for long as good news of a recovery followed, and we set a new date during National Marmalade Week.

In our group we had mainly novice marmalade makers and as a bonus a few with cameras other than smart phones. The photos in this post shot by India Whiley-Morton are a wonderful record of our day.

As our group prepared small batches of marmalade to take home for an overnight soak and cook the following day, I demonstrated the stages of making marmalade from juicing the fruit to sealing the jars. Questions included why the thickness of the peel affects the success of marmalade, why I prefer cane to beet sugar, how to do a pectin test, and how to tie a muslin bag.

Batches prepared, Miranda effortlessly demonstrated how versatile marmalade can be in baking. Adapting recipes from “Bake me a Cake as Fast as You Can” we were treated to mini Bara-Briths with Orange Icing and Crystallised Orange, Frangipane Milk Chocolate Cups with Marmalade Glaze, Chocolate Truffle Cake with Marmalade and a very special Marmalade Bakewell, with my name in pastry on the top.

As my Seville orange marmalade cooled and set in jars, we enjoyed Miranda’s lunch, including a mouth watering Sweet Potato, Roasted Pepper and Chorizo Loaf, another winning recipe from “Bake me a Cake as Fast as You Can.” All too soon it was time to end the day and I had another marmalade to make, Seville and Ginger.

Marmalade had made an impact in Miranda’s kitchen. The next day, photos of Miranda’s marmalade, posted on Twitter and Instagram were some of the best I’ve seen this year.

We’ve agreed Marmalade in Miranda’s Kitchen will be an annual event. Hope you can join us next time.

Photos by India Whiley-Morton

Seville Oranges from Ave Maria

More recipes Marmalade Make and Bake ebook

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