The arrival of the first crop of rhubarb in our garden signals a review of jam recipes after a quiet couple of months following the marmalade season.

My rhubarb has been late this year. Usually around the time of my eldest daughter’s birthday at the end of April, I’m making my first jam of the year. I had to wait until mid May for the first kilo to be ready and I wonder if the delay will mean other fruit will be later this year.

I have at last made a jam recipe given to me by a friend twenty years ago, combining sweet oranges with rhubarb and it’s one I’ll be making regularly in future. Perfect as a filling in sponges, to top scones, brioche and of course toast.

Rhubarb and Orange Jam Recipe

6 sweet oranges
1kg thinly sliced rhubarb stalks.
10 ml citric acid
Granulated cane sugar

1) Scrub the oranges, grate the rinds and juice the fruit. You should have about 600ml juice.

2) Add the rhubarb, grated rinds and orange juice to a large preserving pan.

3) Sprinkle the citric acid over the surface of the pan.

4) Simmer the ingredients very slowly over a low heat until the mixture is pulpy, about 20-25minutes.

5) Weigh the pulp and weigh out an equal quantity of granulated cane sugar. Warm the sugar in an ovenproof bowl for 15 minutes at 120C.

6) Stir the sugar into the pan until thoroughly dissolved. Place clean jars into the oven at 120C to warm through.

7) Bring the jam to a rolling boil and boil hard until setting point is reached. After 7 minutes, test for a set using the flake or thermometer test.

8) As soon as setting point is reached, remove the pan from the heat and leave it to stand for 5-10 minutes until a skin to forms on the surface. Push any scum from the surface of the pan to the side and remove it with a metal spoon. Gently stir the jam and pour it into clean warm jars up to the brim. Seal the jars immediately, with new, twist top lids. Leave the jars upright and undisturbed to set.

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