Putting Taste Back On Toast.

Attending a Real Bread Campaign event last month in London, I was reminded of the benefits of making and eating bread made from best quality ingredients. Similarly real jam and marmalade are superior in taste and flavour than products with additives. Put the two together and you have, Real Breads and Spreads, the perfect breakfast.

B&B Breakfasts

As co-host of an Airbnb I am heartened by the enthusiastic feedback I read in reviews about my bread and preserves. Guests regularly ask to buy marmalade and jam to take home. However, when I stay in a B&B, I am frequently presented with a menu for a lavish breakfast using locally sourced eggs, bacon and sausages. Disappointment often follows when I reach for the marmalade or jam to spread on my toast made from supermarket white or brown sliced bread. Small vacuum packed spreads, masquerading as preserves or jars of supermarket own brands are commonplace. Every time it happens I wonder why some items on the menu were lovingly sourced, prepared and cooked, but the bread, marmalade or jam were given scant consideration.

New Year, New Course

Fortunately, poor quality provision is not universal and there are B&B owners who source artisan breads, marmalades and jams or better still, make their own. In January 2019 I am launching a new course, Breakfast Breads and Spreads. The one and a half day programme will include recipes for two jams, a marmalade and four breads for breakfast menus. The course will be suitable for anyone who is interested in making their own bread, jam and marmalade.

Hopton House B&B

As with all my courses, I like to test them before teaching for the first time. I am delighted Karen Thorne, from Hopton House B&B and Bed and Breakfast Academy is providing the venue for it on 30th/31st January. Karen and a group of B&B owners will trial the course with me. As it will be Seville season we’ll be making Seville orange marmalade using oranges from Ave Maria. Follow the video below for the definitive Seville orange marmalade recipe, the one I teach and make without fail every year.


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